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3 Useful Skills

Liv Ahwatukee, Phoenix, AZ  Learning something new everyday doesn't have to be hard. Here are three skills you can learn in less than a day.

At Liv Ahwatukee, we encourage residents to take advantage of our many high-quality amenities, including our outdoor BBQ and lounge areas, 1-mile jogging path, splash pad, and more. Staying active and engaged makes way for a healthy lifestyle that can help build up positivity and encouragement—but this doesn’t have to happen just outside of your apartment. Today, we’re sharing a few skills that you can learn in your Phoenix, Arizona apartment. Want to make a difference in your life by learning a new skill? Check them out below.


MyMoney.Gov is a valuable resource that can be used to teach you the benefits of being financially literate. Read tips about saving and investing, as well as earning money. Okay, so maybe this isn’t necessarily a skill as much as it is a valuable life lesson. But maybe you have a few friends that could benefit from your newfound knowledge. Care to test it out on them?


Confidence is a skill that can go a long way. Lacking confidence in certain areas of your life? No worries. It doesn’t take long to set you on the right path. Confidence is a skill that you can use in all aspects of your life. It can help in your professional endeavors as well as your social encounters. Did you know that maintaining good posture is a powerful confidence builder? Go ahead and practice using good posture today. Sit and stand up straight. Then, let us know if after a few days practice you feel differently. Sure, it takes more than a day to perfect confidence, but it definitely takes less than a day to begin on that path.


Codecademy is a great resource where you can find information on how to code. Are you familiar with CSS, HTML, PHP, or other coding languages? Maybe it’s about time you start. Not only is the website free, but there are so many jobs out there in need of people that know how to code. Want to customize your own website with your own code? Learn the language of the future—the code behind what makes websites appear as they do—in no time. While proficiency in coding takes longer than a day, learning the simple basics and facts do not.


When you’re not busy enjoying the amenities that Liv Ahwatukee has to offer, we invite you to take some time to work on these three skills that we’ve outlined for you today. Thanks for reading!


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