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Welcome back to the Liv Ahwatukee Blog! Not only is it National Golf Month, but this time of year is also the time when many students are starting or preparing to get back to school. Today our apartment community is focusing on helping these students and anyone who will be a support system for them this school year here in Phoenix, AZ. Read on for some back-to-school tips everyone should keep in mind for a successful year.

Know the logistics.

The first step to feeling confident and capable while you or your student is at school is to first know when it starts! Then you can get a better feel for when you need to be done shopping for school supplies and planning proper sleeping and play schedules. Check your or your school website and event calendar so you can put important dates on your calendar.

Tour the school.

Learn about each school for you and your household by touring them specifically. This is especially important for anyone new to a school so they can familiarize themselves with the new environment and map out in real time a route they’ll need to follow every day. Even doing this with returning students is useful, for example if the school went through any changes, or if they simply just need to re-orient themselves to the school.

Shop for supplies.

This can be a fun part of school prep for you and your children, so bring them along and let them choose any items they’ll need, like specific styles of notebooks, binders, pencils, a backpack, and more. This will help them feel confident and prepared for the school year, which goes a long way!

Practice a routine.

Getting into a more strict routine can be difficult for some kids, so make your efforts now to transition them into going to bed early, waking up early, and setting aside specific times for work and play. Especially if they’re rowdier children, walk them through sitting still, raising their hands, getting along with others, and waiting for their ride home so they are prepared for these important tasks. Encourage and empower them and they’ll respond well!


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