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Cleaning Out Your Apartment: Throw These Things Away!

Image of a trash can with text Cleaning Your Apartment? Throw These Things out Now!


There’s no better time than the beginning of a new season to get rid off a few things from your apartment. At Liv Ahwatukee, we’re inviting all of our residents to declutter their apartments in Phoenix, Arizona. Care to join them? Here’s what we think you should throw out (or, in some cases, pass on to a friend):

— Expired Food

— Old makeup

— Magazines (not all, but definitely some issues from years past)

— Boxes for TVs, computers, etc.

— Old batteries

— Socks with holes

— Socks without a match

— Dishes you never use

— Unused plastic containers

— Stained clothes

— Old towels

— Dried up nail polish

— Movie ticket stubs

— Old receipts

— Unopened items you’ll never use

— Pens and pencils,

— Toothbrush (time for a new one!)

— Art projects from years ago

— Hotel amenities (shampoo bottles, soap bars, etc.)

— Old calendars

— Earbuds

— Cracked dishes

— Movies you’ll never watch again

— Old shoes

— Old phones, phone chargers, phone cases, etc.

— Alarm clock (that’s what phones are for now!)

— Recipe books you never cook from

— Coloring books that are all used up

— Travel maps or brochures

— Basically, anything that is broken

— Old textbooks

— Kitchen appliances still in the box

— Old catalogs

— Calculators (when’s the last time you used one other than the one on your phone?)

— Past wedding invites and favors

— Expired coupons

— Old underwear

— Clothes showing a lot of wear

— Scratched DVDs (make sure they work!)

— Take-out menus

— Duffle bags (Have a lot? Toss them!)

— Shoes that look great but no longer fit

— Exercise equipment you no longer use

— Old birthday, holiday, and anniversary cards that hold no sentimental value

— Multiple cooking utensils

— Mason Jars

— CDs for old computer programs

— Old keys

Which items will you be throwing out this month? Share in the comments below.


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