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Fall-Themed Movies for a Night In

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October means temperatures have started to cool down here in Arizona, but before you head outdoors to enjoy the cooler temps, plan a movie night this weekend. We’ve got some suggestions for fall-themed movies we think you’ll enjoy at your Liv Ahwatukee apartment. 

Fall-Themed Movies 

Dead Poets Society

Prep school and uniforms and autumnal scenery in Delaware. This inspiring movie is a classic way to connect with the majestic surroundings of fall. Honing in on an unconventional teacher that helps his class connect with what they’re learning outside of their textbooks. Robin Williams gives an outstanding lesson in bringing what we learn to life. And with his recent passing, this is a great way to look back on his emotionally moving career.


Football is about as fall-centric as you can get. Notre Dame’s campus and football team are at the focus of this story as our main character Rudy—as played by Sean Astin—tries his best to overcome the academic, financial, and physical limitations that would keep him from playing the game he loves for the school of his dreams. You can’t get a more satisfying ending than this one.

October Sky

East Tennessee’s fall colors help tell the story of a group of boys journey to build a rocket—and what one of them will do to escape a life of working the local coal mines. After being inspired by a satellite in the sky, this movie follows the struggles and odds that work against the par for the course in this rural town. And it just goes to show what it means to stick with your dreams.

The Blind Side 

Sandra Bullock plays a wealthy, no-nonsense Southern mom who takes in Michael Oher — a homeless football prodigy (Quinton Aaron) who eventually becomes a first-round NFL draft pick. The movie is a compelling account of actual events about Oher’s debut in football, but it is also about what it means to be a part of a family. 

We hope you have an awesome autumn. Thanks for being a part of our Phoenix apartment community.


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