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Get Crafty this October

Get Crafty this October

With the holidays just around the corner, the Liv Ahwatukee Blog invites you to get crafty and make some memories with these DIY photo projects! Enjoy some of these awesome DIY activities in the comfort of your apartment here in Phoenix, AZ. What are you waiting for? Grab some of your old favorites from a picture album or use ones that you’ve taken recently, and then get crafting!


Personalized Photo Map

This one is sure to grab people’s attention when they see it! All you need is a large map, a foam board, pins, and photos. Enjoy cutting the pictures to match the shapes of the states that you visit. Have a photo that you love from an out-of-state trip to California or Utah? Cut and pin it to your map! It’s simple and it looks great!


Lego Picture Puzzles

These are great for any age. Plus they’re a blast to make, and they’re fun to build once finished.



Other than an embossing heat tool, this craft is pretty simple. Put pictures on your candles for a quick project with a great result. While these are perfect for your living room  or bedroom, they also make great wedding or birthday gifts. That’s definitely something to think about with something that looks this good!


5-minute Coasters

Invite guests to set their drinks on different pictures. These are great for gifts. They’re pretty unique, too. There are endless possibilities for ways you can personalize them. They’re also very simple to make.


Photo Collage Letters

“Spell out your memories” with this awesome craft! All you’ll need is Mod Podge, a paintbrush, your choice of wooden letters, scissors, and photos. The result of overlapping pictures looks great. You can spell out a name and choose pictures specifically of that person, which makes this project even cooler!



This flip calendar is a fun alternative to what you might have hanging on your wall. Each year you can either keep the same photos or change them out to stay updated — it’s up to you!


We hope you have fun in your apartment with crafts this month. Check back for a follow-up article with new activities for you to try. Thanks for reading!