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Planning Out a Perfect Home Theater

How to Plan Out the Perfect DIY Apartment Home Theater On a BudgetHave you been wanting to take that courageous first step of making your own apartment home theater? If youre one of the brave souls that wants the entertainment ecosystem you fully deserve, you might not know where to start. Add to that the desire to keep things under budget, and maybe that wonderful dream of yours starts to slip away. But hold on a sec! Thanks to trending DIY hackery, that dream is now more feasible than ever. So where should you go to map out your master plan? Here are some great resources to help you out! 1. IKEA Hackers IKEA is well known for their stylish and modular furniture thats sold at affordable rates. And youre not the only one thats seen the inner Lego in their design. This website is perfect for taking advantage of the hidden flexible nature of even their available furniture. Whether you want to turn a bookcase into a projector mount, or transform a coffee table into a speaker stand, a simple search on their site will provide you with some highly useful results. 2. Instructables Looking for something outside the realm of IKEA? This site provides a more comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach. Everything from acoustic panels to projector shelves is featured on this site. And because its a part of the DIY scene, most of their projects often utilize items you might already have in your home. Plus, once youre done with your theater, youll even be able to find the perfect recipe to accompany you on your theaters maiden voyage. If youre looking for tips on how to set up projectors, speakers, and what to look for in equipment, lists like this can also be resourceful. Just remember to take out any of their suggestions that wouldnt work in your apartment! Do any of you have experience with building your own at-home theater? What tips and tricks worked best for you? What advice do you have for our readers? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!