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The Game of Swimming Part 1

The Game of Swimming: Part 1Summer has finally arrived and with the warm weather comes extra free time for fun in the sun here at Liv Ahwatukee. With our three luxurious saltwater pools, theres no reason to stay cooped up inside! Grab your swim gear and beach towels, dont forget the sunscreen, and live life to the fullest this summer season with Livs welcoming community. Want an easy opportunity to meet your Liv Ahwatukee neighbors? Let loose your stresses and relive childhood this summer with fun and friendly pool games sure to have everyone smiling bright. What can beat a classic? Most everyone who has enjoyed time in a pool knows the name Marco Polo for the water-centered game. The easy call and response is simple enough to be understood even by very young children, making it the perfect candidate for family play time. Avoid being tagged by the explorer as they call out to try and find you, and remember, getting out of the pool is not allowed! Adding in objects like pool noodles and floaties to use as distractions for Marco is an easy way to add another level to the game. Just dont let your laughter give you away! For those of you looking for a new game to play, look no further than the Octopus game. The more players you have, the better! Every player in this game tries to get from one side of the pool to the other without being tagged by whoever is it. As players are tagged, they join its team, holding hands with them in the middle of the pool and effectively becoming part of the octopus to tag those swimming by. With enough players, youll soon find a long line of defense blocking the other side of the pool. The last standing player who is not a part of the octopus chain becomes the next it. Do you have any favorite pool games to play with friends? Tell us about them in the comments section below!