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Host A Classic Movie Night

Host A Classic Movie Night

If you haven’t seen every award winning movie, you’re not alone. Getting to know more cinematic trophy winners is a great way to learn about film! It’s also a fun excuse to get some friends together for a night of classic film and memory making.


Old School Hollywood is always a fun theme. Try a black and white film like Casablanca or To Kill A Mockingbird. Encourage your friends to dress up like they’re attending a red carpet festival. Dim the lights and make your own spotlights by placing flashlights in small paper bags to line the room.


Having a step and repeat can be a fun backdrop for Instagram or Snapchat photos. Hang up some light colored paper and throw in some props like a feather boa or top hat.


Fun crafts make great decor for your glamorous evening. Try this DIY Hollywood sign from Moon Frye. Find the tutorial right here. The site says, “Hurray for Hollywood! Nothing says [Tinseltown] better than the iconic Hollywood sign. To bring a little bit of the Hollywood Hills into your own backyard, check out our fun DIY backyard Hollywood sign craft. We had such a blast making ours!”


Add a sophisticated touch with plastic champagne flutes and delectable desserts like chocolate strawberries or fancy hors d'oeuvres. Try this delicious recipe for bruschetta found here at the Garlic Diaries. The site says, “I keep my bruschetta very simple. Just a few ingredients to amp up those tomatoes and make everything taste exactly right. No need for mozzarella. No need for a fancy balsamic reduction. No need for any special tomatoes. Just simple, delicious ingredients that combine into absolute perfection.”


We think you’ll enjoy an evening of film and delicious food. Don’t stress about the details too much, even though it is fun to have those little glamorous details present at your party. Thanks for reading the Liv Ahwatukee Apartments Blog! We hope you have a great month here in Phoenix, AZ!