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How to Display Family Heirlooms

A collage of collectible items - Ragged Ann collection on a shelf, shell boxes, ceramic clasped hands, and cookstove replica, small, white glass bowl.

Welcome back to the Liv Ahwatukee Blog! We’re back this week with ideas for how to display family heirlooms or the treasures you’ve brought home from your antique-shopping adventures. Whether it’s a signature piece of furniture, a collection with personal meaning, or a shelf of cherished books, pull them out of the closets and boxes and proudly display them in your apartment. Here’s how! 

Small Items 

Many small items, like collected thimbles or spoons, can be displayed in specially designed display shelves of course, but thinking outside the box, why not use another piece as a display — your great-grandmother’s silver serving tray, for instance, could become the home of her needlework tools, sitting atop a table or chest. A curio cabinet is another good option to display items in a safe, tasteful contained way. 

Shadow Boxes 

Shadow boxes are a wonderful way to display items. Gather things based on a theme or that are an important part of a person’s life, or are mementos of a trip or once-in-a-lifetime vacation, and put them together in a shadow box, which can then be hung on a wall or placed upon a shelf, where the objects can be admired without being lost or ruined. 

Larger Pieces 

Use an antique piece as the focal point for a room. A rocking chair, next to an antique wrought-iron basket holding of in-progress handwork is decorative and practical at the same time. Different time periods and styles can work together — just be careful how you tie them together — one way is to use the same set of colors throughout. Read more about mixing furniture styles when decorating from this post from My Domaine. 

We hope these ideas will help you find a new way to display your treasured pieces in your Phoenix, Arizona home. Thanks for reading our post this month.


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