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Perfect Home Scents

Perfect Home Scents

Hi Readers! In today’s post we’re sharing our favorite techniques for getting your home to smell wonderful.


Making your home feel like your own is something that can definitely take some time and some effort. From decorations to furniture, there are many many choices to be made. Your Liv Ahwatukee apartment should feel special and unique every time you walk in your front door. Our favorite way to feel more at home is through choosing a signature scent. Scent is known to trigger memories and feelings, so why not be greeted with your favorite scent when you come home?


There are a ton of different choices when it comes to scent, from candles to essential oils to potpourri. These all depend on just how much scent you want dispersed in your home and how often.


Candles are really beautiful way to not only have you home smelling beautiful, but they also have the ambiance of a flickering fire in your home. They come in many different colors, smells and styles. Candles add a really sophisticated and classic touch to your home. If you get worried about fire hazards, a grouping of four or five tall white candles looks beautiful on a silver or glass tray, and they still give off some scent. We think these Mimira candles from Anthropologie would look pretty on a counter or bedside table.


Potpourri is a classic bathroom addition. This usually comes in the form of small wood chips with a touch of essential oil to give off scent throughout the day. Unlike candles, they have a more understated scent, but they don’t have to be lit or blown out, so it can be lower maintenance.


Oil diffusers are also really low maintenance devices. They usually come in the form of a small glass with a scented oil and some long wooden dowels. The dowels soak in the oil which is then dispersed throughout the room. This diffuser from Jo Malone would look pretty on a dining room table or coffee table.


Where is your favorite place to get candles, potpourri, and diffusers in the Puyallup, WA area? Share in the comments so we will all know where to shop! Thanks for reading today’s post.