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Treat to Try

Treat to Try

Welcome back to Liv Ahwatukee’s blog. In our last post we shared some ideas for getting in a nutritious breakfast. Today we’re sharing a new favorite recipe. An afternoon spent baking is a great way to relax and unwind on the weekend. Your apartment’s kitchen is a great place to bake and create delicious dishes.


Make sure your apartment kitchen is always stocked. Kitchn has a great list of items you should keep in your kitchen. When you’ve got all the essentials, you’ll be able to bake without having to run to the store last minute and get a ton of ingredients. For those specialty dishes, you may have to grab a few items, but that’s a lot easier than having to buy a bunch of ingredients for just one dish.


With today’s recipe, we decided to throw it back to childhood. Remember those super sweet, frosted pastries? Pop Tarts were a fun treat to toast for breakfast and take for an on-the-go go breakfast on the way to school. From Lauren Conrad we found a grown up version that you can make yourself. The link and full directions can be found here. The site says, “These sweets are packed with rich chocolate chunks and sweet cherry jam, making them an irresistible breakfast in bed or Sunday brunch treat. We won’t tell if you steal a couple of these heart pop tarts for yourself…”


Our favorite way to enjoy treats is to share them with others. Grab a few and arrange them on a paper plate (that way they won’t have to worry about returning the plate). Take some to work or to neighbors here at Liv Ahwatukee.


We hope you enjoy trying out this childhood approved recipe. Let us know what your favorite sweet treats are. Thanks for reading The Liv Ahwatukee blog. Check back next month for more apartment living tips and tricks.