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There’s an App for That!

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Screens are an integral part of our lives; from how we order pizza to listen to music, to access entertainment, screens deliver it all. Here at Liv Ahwatukee we offer online rent payment as just one of our amenities, which you can pay right from your phone. 

Your phone. We call it a phone, but it’s so much more than a device for talking to others. Essentially our phones are mini-virtual computers we carry around in our pockets. (Those teachers who made you memorize your times tables because “you won’t be carrying a calculator around with you in your pocket” were wrong!) Today we’re sharing some phone-accessible apps we think are awesome. 

For Your Car/Travel Needs 


Taking the guesswork out of where to find the best price for gas is what this app delivers. Gasbuddy posts local gas prices so you can see at a glance the best place to fill up. It shows what grades are available including diesel. Available for iOS, Android, and Blackberry. 

Repair Pal 

It happens to all of us, that weird sound our car starts to make, or the intermittent service engine soon light popping on then off, or an unfortunate accident and we’re in the market for a mechanic. But how do you budget for the repair? How do you know what you should expect to pay? Repair Pal to the rescue! Instead of calling around for repair quotes, let Repair Pal do the legwork for you and give you a localized estimate of what you can expect to pay. Available for iOS and Android. 

In the Kitchen


In the mood to cook but too cozy for a run to the grocery store? This app finds recipes that match the ingredients you already have. So if you’re trying to figure out what the heck you can do with a bag of cereal, a salmon, and kale, this app is your only hope.


From allergies to food preferences, this comprehensive app gives you substitution ideas whenever you need them the most. Whether you want your recipe to be low-sodium or gluten-free, you just flat out hate dairy, or you want to switch things up, this is the app for you.

Staying Organized 


An easy-to-use app that helps you remember when everything is due. Add to-do items quickly and the app will remind you to get it done — multiple times if necessary. It’s customizable to with just a few taps. Check it out!


Do you keep a to-read list? Let pocket help you organize all the things you want to read/view. Save articles, videos, stories, etc. from online publications, pages, and apps. “Save content from everywhere.” 


What are your favorite apps? Let us know in the comments. Thanks for taking a few minutes to read our blog post today. We’re happy you’re a part of our Phoenix, AZ apartment community.


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